Hey, Iโ€™m Damian Edeh โ€“ A Creative Designer and Developer


Edeh DC. is a creative innovator, branding strategist, frontend developer, a design expert with over 7 years of expertise creating impactful visual brand solutions for high-profile clients across numerous industry verticals.

He pairs a broad range of creative leadership experience in brand strategy and development, graphic design, and B2B/B2C marketing, with a deep understanding of the psychology behind design to create effective campaigns and corporate narratives.

In 2017, he founded edesign – a full-service creative agency with specialty in crafting human-centric digital experiences. We are designers, strategists, thinkers, researchers, animators, illustrators, developers, and project managers partnering with design leaders of tech brands and growing businesses to create simple, useful, and scalable digital solutions. We translate research into solutions, crafting thoughtful and unified brands, apps, websites, interfaces, and systems. Through challenging core assumptions, we shape the products and services that improve the lives of thousands every single day.

Through edesign, he has been able to work with numerous brands/individuals which includes CSAAE, No Girl Left Behind, Solar Empowerment Initiative, Royal Warrior Cancer Foundation, to name but a few both locally and internationally.

In late 2020, he partnered with a friend to co-found another agency DEBB Creatives based in the US and Canada.

As an Industrial Chemist even though he chose to react colors and codes instead of chemicals ๐Ÿ™‚ he founded a new company in February 2021 called EDESOLAR Energy which addresses the energy needs of Nigerians by providing them with eco-friendly energy solutions. We are working hard to get our products into the market in due time.


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